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Saturday, 25 September 2021

REQUISITE FOR GOOD PARENTING IN ISLAM: A lecture delivered by Sheikh Luqman Imam @ Makarfi Estate, Angwa Mauzu, Kaduna State.


A lecture delivered by Sheikh Luqman Imam @ Makarfi Estate, Angwa Mauzu, Kaduna State.

After Sheikh Luqman congratulating the parents and organizer of the ceremony, he as well seek Allah's blessing for the new baby named Sumaya Onize and listed requisite for good parenting in Islam.

Sheikh explained thus;
As parents, we are the first role model for our children even before their tutors in Islamiya and Schools of learning.

It’s a perfect example of how kids are morally and uprightly brought up. Because we, as parents, are their first School of discipline, and we have to model the respect we hope to see from our wards by walking the talk with our children to make it easier for valuable understanding, and to be able to follow the commandments of Allah.

As such, as parent, let's our children feel very connected to us, focus on giving our children the required positive attentions, and do not be parents too bored to provide guidance on issues of great importance and germane to their affairs, by first seeking their views for proper direction which otherwise, could be tantamount to harmfulness. A duty, we must effectively performed, cum explication where occasion demands.

Again, Sheikh Luqman Imam stated that, not only, do we find these examples in Qur’an, but, also in the Sunnah of the Messenger, ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) of Allah over parenting children with mutual interactions.

Going forward, Qur'an informed us that, Prophet Yusuf (AS) once dreamt that eleven stars, the sun and the moon were prostrating to him. His father Prophet Ya'qub (AS) was whom Yusuf revealed the dream to and as his father realised that the dream outlined his son's destiny and greatness, he cautioned him not to disclose it to his brothers.

More so, another story from Qur'an  about Prophet Ibrahim (AS) who mentioned the dream he had to his Son Ismail (AS) and made him aware that, Allah (SWT) has decreed for him to be a sacrifice and in obedience his Son, Ismail (AS) accepted the command.

In the same vain, we found a narration where Ibn Abbas as a teenager when he was gifted words of advice by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
The Prophet says, “Be mindful of Allah, you shall find Him in front of you. Know Allah in times of prosperity, so He will know you in times of hardship. Know that whatever passed you by, could never have happened, and what happened could never have been avoided. Know that victory comes with patience, relief comes with affliction, and with hardship comes ease.”

Therefore, as  parents, let our children feel very connected to us, focus on giving our children their positive attention and do not be  parents too bored to provide guidance on issues that concerned their affairs by first seeking their views for better guidance which otherwise, could amount to difficulties. A role, we must play, vis-à-vis, respecting their takes. Indeed, we have to walk the talk for the children to emulate.

The more than one hour lecture delivered by Sheikh contained the rights that children have over their parents and as well the Rights of Parents in Islam stands out as a religion that lays great emphasis on the kind, tolerant, and respectful treatment of parents.

It's worthy of note that, after justice had been done to the topic, Sheikh  entertained series of questions which were exhaustively treated while a request was tabled before him (Sheikh) to pray for a Muslim sister, undergoing a major Surgical operation at the moment, which was backed by, a text message sent to the gathering via one of the attendees, in the person of (Mohammad Adano). 

As it was conveyed, Sheikh Luqman Imam while the content of the message engrossed audience with anxiety and fear as the feelings of the unknown loomed in their fronts. 

Sheikh Luqman prayed and placed the Sister's life, and the operation by the Surgeon in the hands of Almighty Allah, he appealed to the audience to contribute whatever they can afford as Sadaqa (charity) on  behalf of the Sister to a needy. The contributed sum was handed over to a physically challenged Mallam at Angwa Mauzu area instantly.

The prayer a booster to our faith and strength. As it was later reported to have been a very successful operation accompanied by quick healing and recovery.

Sheikh Luqman Imam was in Kaduna at Makarfi Estate, U/Mauzu on Sunday 19th 2021 over the naming ceremony of Mallam Baba Adinoyi's daughter named "Sumaiya Onize" and dual celebration of Baba first born Abdulrahaman Mufeed that completed memorising the Qur'an

May Allah bless Sumaya, her parents and Abdulrahaman Mufeed the new Hafiz. Ya Allah bless more of our children to become huffaz of the Qur’an! Ameen

May Allah continue to strengthen Sheikh Luqman Bin Imam upon goodness. Ameen! 

May Allah Grant full healing and total recovery to the Sister in the hospital. Ameen.

25th September, 2021..


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