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Monday, 25 May 2020

Sheikh Luqman observes Eid-el Fitr at Darul Arqam School Agassa Okene

Sheikh Luqman observes Eid-el Fitr at Darul Arqam School Agassa Okene.

Sheikh Luqman Imam and some Muslim faithful on Sunday attended the Eid-el Fitr prayer in the Darul Arqam School compound. 
He later paid visit to late Imam's grave beside the Darul Arqam School at Imam House Ateba-Agassa Okene 
After Sheikh greeted him with salaams, making du’aa’ for him, praying for Allah's forgiveness for him.

We ask Allah, the Most High, to have mercy upon our father late Imam, Sheikh Musa Abdullah Galadima. Ameen

Among his outstanding works, Sheikh Luqman Imam Abulyatama has devoted to propagation of Islamic knowledge under Darul Arqam high school Agassa- Okene, preaching under Ansarul Islam Kogi Central branch. The level of exposing his students to practical knowledge is most impressive as one his senior student Usatz Abdulrahaman Yakub led the Eid-el Fitr Prayer while his master, Sheikh Luqman Imam observed the prayer behind his student.
After the Eid prayer at Darul Arqam School Compund, he moved to Arqam orphans Compound to joined the orphans under the care of Arqam Orphans and Widows welfare foundation Okene, together with some Muslims brothers on the path of Sunnah to have Eid Fitr feast with those orphans been their father as Abulyatama (father of orphans).
This year's Ramadan Tafsir programme was conducted from Arqam Orphans Hostel with Tao Fm Radio station operating in Kogi state, live on Facebook and as well posted on WhatsApp and other social media platform.

Sheikh Luqman always held his annual Ramadan lecture at Ebira Central Mosque in Okene but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic it was conducted mainly online and Radio live coverage.

This is what Sheikh Luqman Abulyatama Ibn Imam Abdullah Galadima is known for.
If upon this effort and act of worship exhibited by Sheikh Luqman, some still looking for his fault and plotting evil, then Allah is indeed sufficient for him.

We pray that May the forces of evils become confused on the way to Sheikh Luqman Imam Abulyatama. Ameen.

Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum..
Eid Mubarak to everyone


  1. may Allah's favour, guidance be upon our sheikh now and always (amen).

    1. So it's means you people izala can honors someone like this,,, I think you guys said is not Good in islam,, that is a gibiyat to be praising someone......