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Conquest at Upake

  INDED, there no DIETY worthy to be worship other than ALLAH SUBHAANAHU WATA-ALLAH.
The following incident occur on 18-19/12/2013, when our noble Sheikh Luqman (AD) was invited to UPAKE, to get rid of their ancient/ancestors GODS that has become a threat to their LIVES, not only the family where the IDOL resides but threatens the PEACE and UNITY of the entire UPAKE people.


Before then, so many people were invited, acording to the stories we got from the residence, precisely, PASTORS and some aclaim ISLAMIC MALLAMs, which effort proves abortive due to their shirkistive activies and their means of trying to get rid of it that goes agains islam. We also heard that when the torment from the IDOL which the story will be told soon become un-bearable, they extended their quest for help to the popular TB.JOSHUA known for his powers and wonders and also a PASTOR from PORTHACOURT who promise and never showed up. They promise to visit them but non of them was seen and their money went into the tin air. They also complain bitterly of the money they spent on calling all this aclaim MALLAMs and PASTORS.

They narrated an incident that got me almost laugh my breath out; they said, once, a man came to them, he brought the IDOL out from it room where it was kept but he was not able to drop it down on the floor, when he was finally freed, he took to his heel and he never return again, some will succeed in packing it into a PICKUP/VAN but the motor will refuse to move. and so many unbelievable stories about this IDOL. Finally ALLAH answered their prayer and also use it as means of extending ISLAM to UPAKE.
There is a BROTHER among the family children that has been attending the LECTURES of our noble Sheikh Luqman(AD). He told his family about inviting him, INSHALLAH they accepted not only accepting to get rid of the IDOL but also to ACCEPT ISLAM and leave IDOLATING way.
The ISUE was tendered to HIM(AD) he accept and schedule a date of going there to get rid of IT and also to preach DAWAH to them. That is how we find our self here on 2013.

#DAY ONE (1)ALHAMDULILAH...Glory be to Allah, after a long journey from OKENE down to UPAKE, we finally arrived. quickly arrangement were made on the proceeding and the first agenda was "lecture on Tauheed".
Sheikh Luqman Entering into the Lecture

The people are raedy for lecture

Upake elder listening to lecture

How knowledgeable and wise our noble Sheilk is, he dint bounce on the IDOL and start casting them away instead he decide to thread the part of our measenger (PBH) by starting with DA'AWAH, preaching to them on the oneness of Allah, the esence of Tauheed, Jins and their wicked deed, how they use and mislead human, he proceed by sighting practical and relevant example on things around them that they can see, touch, eat and drink from.
During the Lecture period

So many question were tendered before them by our Sheikh(AD) which are, who created them, who provide them with sustainance, who water their farm product and animals, can a house build it self without human effort? they answer marvelously with smile on their faces just like how the MAKAN'S answered our prophet (SAW).
Sheikh stood up when the lecture was gettin hot

The lecture terminated few minuites down the hour of 4pm and we come to end of the Lecture and we move to the next Agenda which is geting rid of the socalled the UPAKE lectures.

@During Lecture Period
Upake brothers paying attention

Upake brothers paying attention

Brothers fromokene

People of Upake paying attentio from Far

Okene brothers carried away by the lecture




Bismillahi Ar-rahmani raheem..
Before we proceed we will like to share with you a brife history of the IDOL we got from the famly.
    The IDOL is called IVAJE,it existence started right form the era of EBIRA OPETE.The family also narrated on how the EBIRA OPETE of then used it to fought so many battle which they become victorous. The IDOL is said to be at the front walking while the fighters will be behind, any arow fired at them will be repedled by this IDOL, but if they fire theirs it will hit their oponent.This IDOL originated from the time of EBIRA OPETE, it is inherited fro one generation to another, from CLAN to another and from one FAMILY to the other, worshiping and serving this IDOL (IVAJE) right to the present time of ADAYI OZINUVO AGUVA the eldest of the CLAN and the king at that time. When he passed away, AGUVA the next to him in age took over from. He continue with ritual sacrifice and as usual. When he passed away, ADAYI ACHOGU of OBANGEDE at UPAKE also took over Not quite long ADAYI ACHOGU passed away and the next person in the family is ADAYI OVOSI. The IDOL is said to have a great power of granting people's request, many politicians always go there to seek success over their political oponent, curing any form of ailments. This same IDOL (IVAJE) contain several MASQURADE like AHETE, OVOSI, EKU OBA and other smaller masqurade.
     It was also narrated that there is a particular DRUM in this IDOL that is also powerful.
UPAKE:the dangerous drum

The dangerous drum

This DRUM has 3 SOUNDS, the sound of a LION, BIG AND SMALL CHIMPANZEE. The DRUM is beaten during ritual celebration or when crowning the next KING. When the DRUM is beaten, no matter how far you are from the beaten ground even those at the outskirt of the town UPAKE will be hearing the sound and you will be multivated spiritually to dance to the tone of the DRUM. The celebration always took place every 3 month.
    Like we said earlier, the next person to inherit this IDOL is ADAYI OVOSI who inperson refuses because he know how dangerous it is to be with this IDOL. His refusal pave a way for his children to start preaching to him, it took three (3) years before he finally agree to get rid of this IDOL.


Upake: Brothers bringing the IDOL out for destruction

Destruction of the DRUM

Destruction og Masqurade dresses

Ivaje IDOL


 They never believed that the IDOL will burnt to ashes, some said they will not leave the there until the IDOL burnt to ashes in their present.

The final end of IVAJE

Infufilment of the promise our noble SHEIKH made, to build them a mosque or otherwise complete their mosque which they have been building for the past 12 years.
This is the construction site of the lodges for those that wil be teaching them ISLAM. They will be sent down from OKENE by SHEIKH to live with them on salary basis (monthly).

Brothers are working at the site for Lodge

Work still in progress

Work is still on

Construction still conyinue at night

    Our Noble Sheikh (AD) delivered another lecture strictly on TAUHEED. Question and answer section was open form them and they ask numerous questions which our Noble Sheikh did justice to.

During (SUBHI) Morning Lecture

    Our Noble Sheikh never collected a dime from them instead he bought lots of things like wrapers, cloths, cutlass, hoe and shared it among them justly. After that we all departed to our various home.

Shekh distributing Clothes for them

Sheikh going throuhg the list of those he has given to

Wrappers and childrn wares

Distribution of Cutlass and Hoe

    This incident upheld the status of ISLAM and TAUHEED in OKENE as a whole. it also cleanse the believe our old parent have toward the power of IDOL and other external being other than ALAH SUBHANAHU WATA-ALAH.
download the UPAKE lectures.


  1. Allah (SWT) will continue to bless, Guide and protect him against eveil eye, Amin

  2. Allah (SWT) will continue to bless, Guide and protect him against eveil eye, Amin

  3. Allah (SWT) will continue to bless, Guide and protect him against evil people. Amin! The Ebiras and the muslim ummah are proud of you. Thanksbe to Almighty Allah.